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Monday, August 03, 2009

I Really Want to Stay off This Professor-Gate Ordeal And the Companion Beer Summit But......I'm Getting Pulled Back In!

My final thoughts in a few....

In the interim, here is part two:

Larry King on Gates Affair-Part 2

And speaking of Gates, check out this excerpt from Dr. Gates' The Root. The topic? Why no Black Bachelorette? Ironically, an issue that we have discussed on the blog and Afronerd Radio countless times before...

The fact that I can count on a good love story with every episode (even though the couple inevitably breaks up before getting down the aisle) keeps me coming back for more. However, I must bring this matter to your attention: In the entire history of the show, there has never been a bachelor or bachelorette of color. Don’t you think it’s time for someone with brown skin to be calling the shots at your rose ceremonies?

Why is it that if an African American wants to humiliate him- or herself on national TV in search of a mate, the only options are I Love New York or For the Love of Ray J? Are we not suitable for major networks? Yes, you do occasionally allow one black contestant on the show at a time, only for that person to be eliminated by the second episode. But if we don’t have a shot at the ring, don’t bother inviting us. Really. It’s like starting a new NFL franchise and telling the team that it will never be eligible to play in the Super Bowl.

You may be wondering why the couples who get together on your show rarely work out in the long term. Well, you’re not exactly picking folks who are feeling tons of urgency to find a spouse. According to a study by the Washington Post, black women are the least likely group in American society to get married (45 percent of us have never been married, compared with 23 percent of white women). So wouldn’t it make sense to cast someone from the group who could most use the assistance? Instead, you picked Deanna, one of the most recent bachelorettes. At 26, she claimed that she couldn’t wait to settle down and raise a family. Seriously? She’s 26. You couldn’t have been that shocked when she chose the professional snowboarder—and then dumped him as soon as the show wrapped.

Well, again...more on Gates and ABC's Bachelorette coming up...here's the remainder of the Root piece:

Where Are the Black Bachelor(ettes)?

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