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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Links For Your Edification-Comic Trailers

I will really try to be open-minded and objective pertaining to the latest crop of animated graphic novel translations but BET's Black Panther scares me. I like to reminisce like any other comic aficionado (BP reminds me of the Marvel Superheroes cartoons of 1966) but I'll let our readers decide:

The Black Panther Animated trailer from San Diego's Comic-Con

I do like Entertainment Weekly's promotion for next year's Watchmen movie. At least this is advertised as a motion capture/digitized version of the comic:

Watchmen digital comic-Chapter 1

And it looks like MTV jumped on the digital comic bandwagon with Invincible:

MTV's Invincible digicomic

Lastly, check out the latest Batman animated effort-The Brave and The Bold. There is definitely no confusion between this work and that of the great team of Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and later Dwayne McDuffie (of JL Animated). My, how far the mighty have fallen:

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