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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Day the Earth Stood Still......or When America Stops Caring About What Celebrities Think

Check out this latest shocker....Jamie Foxx, Mr. Ray himself recently made some disturbing remarks regarding his right to being a nigga. Ok..maybe not so shocking but it's time for America to start the decelebfrication process. This essentially entails the need for our citizens to wean themselves from giving notables like Foxx any platforms signifying political, social or cultural importance. According to today's Daily News gossip section, Jamie (the artist formerly known as Eric Bishop) while performing his stand-up act in Atlantic City Sunday night stated, "I'm an Oscar winner, but I'm a nigga, too." Foxx wants you to know that Whites should not be allowed to use this word and that Blacks own it's usage and nigga (sans the "er") is absolutely necessary to his existence. And least you forget, this exchange occurred on the eve of the Dr. King holiday.

Again...as I have repeated incessantly in this blog, it is crucial for cogent and diverse voices amongst people of color to be heard so that the world doesn't think that Mr. Foxx carries the pulse of a community. He should and does speak for himself...solely. But to be fair, I'm sure there are quite a few folks that share Foxx's belief system. The problem with being part of a minority group is that a high profile person with a voice and a platform and access to the media oftentimes ends up being a representative of sorts. Whites in my estimation (discounting White ethnics) are not racialized like this, as there is no sole White representative that identifiably (no..not even the KKK) speaks for the Whites. Conversely, it's time for Black folk to have this option. According to the media, one would have difficulty quantifying a Black conservative movement-but trust me there is one. One would also believe that many Blacks are poor and uneducated despite an ever growing middle class. And don't let me discuss hip hop since we ALL love the gangsta....really. Perhaps I'm repeating myself with my proselytizing but the truth must be told....maybe Jamie will get that memo one day. I might even hold my breath on this one. For more on the Jamie Foxx story click the link below:

Foxx: Ugly insult's only for 'N' crowd

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