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Monday, December 18, 2006

Shhh! Letting You Guys in on a Secret........Everybody's Black Now

Actually the statement, "Everybody's Black now," was exclaimed by my friend, "Mr. Starks" in the midst of a conversation that we had this morning. You guys will get to know Starks (named after Tony Stark, the alter-ego of his favorite fictional character, Iron Man) beyond being a commenter on the blog, as he will also be a cohost on my upcoming internet radio program. I have to thank Starks for informing me of a recent NY Newsday article, pertaining to how Long Island's middle class (non race specific this time) are risking foreclosure due to the uncertain future of our economy. In all fairness, I first heard the everybody's black (or the more explicit-everybody's a nigga) tagline soon after 9-11. It appears that between the shoddy economy and the looming threat of terrorism on US soil, both act as the great equalizer in America's racial divide. Essentially, the Newsday piece denotes how many once solidly middle class families (some making in excess of six figures) are just one paycheck from foreclosure and imminent homelessness. This is a scene highly familiar to people of color. Trust me when I say, that I sincerely try not to put a racial spin on every subject but this is unavoidable. Middle class White angst is something to behold. Perhaps individuals will start viewing race for what it truly is-a sociopolitical construct and not a biological ideal. Let's just hope that you don't lose your house before you come to this conclusion. For the article in question, click on the link below:

Roof caving in on some owners

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