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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Better Late Than Never....the Plan that is

Unfortunately, I am expounding on this later than I wanted to but as the title of this post suggests.... Take a look at exhibit A if you will. The above video is a fairly popular song by 50 cent, entitled Disco Inferno....definitely not to be confused with the 70s hit by the Trammps. I'm as red-blooded as the next guy but when do we say enough? Never mind that the above video may actually be considered tame compared to far more graphic fodder that can be seen in regular rotation on BET's Uncut. My last post highlighted a concerted effort to put the mass media on notice regarding the desecration of Black imagery for the all-mighty dollar. Thanks to Lisa Fager, president and co-founder of Industry Ears, a new think tank of broadcast and music industry professionals has been created to at the very least expand the image of African American entertainment. Hopefully Industry Ears can lessen the impact that the music and accompanying videos like Fitty's are not the only images that can influence young impressionable minds. As I have stated a few times on this blog, I am not fond of some of the music that is force fed the general public. This feeding is not by accident. Riddle me this Batman...how do you defecate on the Black image and satisfy one's monetary hunger for the overwhelmingly White suburban teenage consumer? Pump numerous gangsta and sexually infused songs (and videos) through media outlets like Clear Channel and Emmis Communications, that's how! In my next post I will provide contact addresses of some of these media outlets in order to voice your disapproval....I also promise to close the casket on Black. White. Stay tuned.

Oh...as a side note. The above video was submitted by a young lady by the name of Maisha....from Thailand. This is what the world thinks about Black folk. Time to change that perception. Check out Maisha's my space page. Maybe she is a hip hop fan....You think?

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    Anonymous said...

    that was soft porn

    Anonymous said...

    Maybe you should call this blog "better late than never", what does it take to get you to update this thing?

    Anonymous said...

    but does anybody care about this site?