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Monday, February 27, 2006

Did this guy remain in character after Bamboozled?

Like many Americans I must read the newspaper (excluding our President) every morning during breakfast. Included in this ritual I usually take a quick look at Stanley Crouch's column in the Daily News. The brother never ceases to amaze me with his dead-on, straight in your face approach to issues that in a normal world should be a "no-brainer." Please take a gander at this and pray to whatever god you believe in that the idiocy plague(wasn't it called the Black plague in an earlier incarnation, but I digress)will be over in our lifetime:

  • http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/395181p-334913c.html

  • This fool (Damon) has actually spent the last year and half attempting to copyright the word nigga (not the "er" version, but you never know what the future may hold for that one...hush) in hopes of establishing a clothing line! God forbid that this multi-millionaire with several shows in syndication invest in a school, a hospice or a minority-owned film distribution company. Hey why not invest in breathing niggas? Whoever came up with that "only sticks and stones can hurt you" crap never met Mr. Wayans.

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    Anonymous said...

    2003 - We get word that 'On the Downlow' would like to be showcased as part of the Chicago Reeling GLBT Film Festival on November 9, 2003 at 1:30p.m at the Century Landmark Theatre at the I-section of Clark Diversey and Broadway. It will not qualify for any of the awards & not be considered actually as part of the film fest because the deadline for the fest was back in July. But from word of mouth that it was shot in Chicago & after actually seeing the film they wanted to project it on a Sunday afternoon. This is really good news for us because it's even more exposure & also gives us a chance to see how it's taken by a film fest audience. Whoo Hoo!

    October 3rd 2003 - We get word from the Chicago rapper's 'Black Reign' (who came to the premiere) that they wish to drop out of our project claiming that they do not want to be associated with a 'film like this'. A shame since they are extremely talented & we bid them luck in the future & let them go their way. The other Chicago rapper's 'The Gamespittaz' didn't even come to the premiere but we felt that it would probably be a safer move to also drop them from the project believing them to feel the same way about the film. Controversy at it's best!

    October 7th 2003 - This morning I got to work sending emails to the publishing companies & record labels telling them that we'd want to use their music in our independent film. We were willing to pay music rights & be as legal as possible with the owners. The tunes needed were - 'Jungle Song' by Sonja Dada, 'Crossroads' by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, 'Sugar Sugar' by Baby Bash, 'Buscandote' by the Latin Brothers, 'La Familia' by Kid Frost, 'Weapon' by the Matthew Good Band & 'Mas Allá' by La Lay. We were instantly contacted by the Sonja Dada people & are waiting for a contract to be sent to us. Almost there...But we need two new songs to cover the missing rappers music.

    October 9th 2003 - Tadeo Garcia & myself are interviewed by our film's publicist Gilberto Magaña for an article appearing in QV Magazine. Also at the interview were actors Michael Cortez (Angel), Donato Cruz (Reaper) & Carmen Cenko (Isaac's Mom).

    October 11th 2003 - I meet with Tadeo in his editing dungeon & we 'tweak' the film in places. We are also pleased to get a hold of actor Maximino Arciniega, who appeared as Angel in our award winning short film 'Broken Warning'. He has been busy in California & just secured a roll in an upcoming series. The real good news is that Max is a musician & allows us to use his music for 'Downlow' (in fact we originally used one of his tunes in 'Broken Warning'). Tadeo has also been in contact with LA Rapper DEADLEE who also is letting us use his music. The two scenes were scored today & with this new music is better than before. Thinking wisely & in order to save money we decided to drop the 'Crossroads' tune in favor of one of Max's which also fit the scene great.

    October 14th 2003 - I'm notified that we have secured the right's to the song ''Mas Allá' by La Ley used in the closing credits - Awesome!

    October 17th 2003 - We are granted the use of the opening credits tune 'Jungle' by Sonja Dada. Excellent!!!

    October 21st 2003 - A dark day indeed as we are informed by the Matthew Good Band that they do not want us to use their song 'Weapon' in our movie. A drastic shot since it was the one song in the film that viewers really enjoyed at the premiere. The rest of the day was cloudy, cold, & sad.

    October 22nd 2003 - I am informed by Tadeo that the local Chicago cable station CLTV wants to do a report on us & our film that will be screening at the upcoming film festival. Excellent!! Oh yeah & we search for a replacement song for the film.

    October 24th 2003 - Tadeo finds replacement music for our film including Chicago Spanish rock group Zamandoque Tarahum, hip-hop talent C.R.U. Life & California’s hip-hop artist DEADLEE.

    October 27th 2003 - Tadeo, myself, Tony, Michael & Donato meet up at the Music Box Theatre for our interview for CLTV. Tadeo & I are up first & I choke...I literally choke! "Hamina hamina hamina" I start a sentence & then go blank. Tadeo quickly pick up the interview & I slowly back away. Hopefully I won't be seen at all (please). I don't know what happened? I just blacked out & couldn't think of anything to say. Normally I'm yapping away at how good the film is but not today; Today I can't say a word! It really wasn't a problem because Tadeo (who normally chokes & is somewhat speechless) went on like a full fledged trooper promoting away our film. Next up they talked to Tony, Michael & Donato - All who gave a great interview. Those interested & in the Chicagoland area can check us (well them) out on the Metromix TV Show on CLTV cable (that's the all news station folks) airing on this Thursday the 30th at 5:30pm & 8:30pm, & then again on Friday the 31st at 11:30am. Now I'm going to climb into a deep deep hole & hide.

    October 30th 2003 - Spent most of the day again putting the final touches on the film at the ol' editing cave. Also Tadeo frightened the customers of the restaurant when he put that irritatingly goofy 'Halloween 3' tune over the loudspeakers & had it playing continuous for over an hour. Then to our surprise (and those of you who noticed) that interview we did for CLTV wasn't on tonight. What we figured is that they are going to play it next Thursday to coincide with the film festival next week. Have to tune in then! November 9th is the big day!!

    November 02nd 2003 - Tadeo is having a monstrous time trying to complete a final transfer of the film for the festival. Seems there is a 'glitch' in the recording process that leaves a one second pause during the viewing of the film (this 'glitch' keeps moving to different parts of the movie & can't be traced). This has haunted us for a few weeks now but we can't figure out what is causing it. Tadeo is spending an 'all-nighter' at the restaurant to try & get it fixed. This is a must since our film needs to be turned into the festival on Wednesday (the 5th) for the film fest. Nothing but worries today. On a side note Tadeo is interviewed about the film for a Latino radio show, the Columbia College Chronicle Newspaper & for the Chicago Reader (via telephone). November 9th is a week away!

    November 06th 2003 - CLTV announces that 'On The Downlow' will be screened at the Reeling fest. Luckily I wasn't shown in the interview, unfortunately neither was Michael, Tony or Donato. In fact all seen was Tadeo in a quick 5 second shot saying about one sentence. Ah well.

    November 08th 2003 - Well tomorrow is the big day. Our film will be shown in the Chicago Reeling GLBT film Festival. Lately we've been receiving some favorable reviews. The Chicago Sun Times newspaper called or film 'On the Downlow' - " A Shakespearean "Mean Streets," shot around Little Village by Tadeo Garcia", & the Chicago Reader newspaper considered our film 'Highly Recommended' saying - "Tadeo Garcia's impressive low-budget 2002 debut begins somewhat unpromisingly as a standard riff on gang violence, then gains unexpectedly in poignancy, depth, and complexity. Tony Sancho and Michael Cortez are both excellent; Christopher R. Buzek's burnished cinematography makes inventive use of Little Village locations; Garcia excels at using offbeat rhythms to establish a palpable tension." Tomorrow's the big day to see what the public thinks.


    Film Festival Notice

    On the Down Low
    Tadeo Garcia, US

    Set in Chicago’s Little Village, On the Down Low is a new feature based on local filmmaker Tadeo Garcia’s award-winning short Broken Warning. On the Down Low is the explosive story of the relationship between Isaac and Angel, two young Latinos involved in a south side Chicago gang. The decisions these men make and the paths they each take create a trap for them in a community where rules can’t be broken and secrets won’t be tolerated. With characters that defy stereotyping, and a surprising tenderness, On the Down Low is an unconventional look at life in the hood. 90 min

    When: Sunday, November 9th; 1:30 p.m. Where